About us

Duha Jewellery is an independent woman-run jewellery brand. We create consciously crafted fine jewellery. 

Our jewellery is a bit quaint yet modern, en vogue yet timeless, versatile and kind. We are a home grown luxury retail brand that evokes minimalism, artisanal craftsmanship and holistic sustainability. Our mission is to revolutionise affordable fine jewellery by delivering intricately crafted, dainty collections. We’re driven by the idea that thoughtfully made jewellery can exist at an accessible price point with sustainability incorporated through the journey. 

As much as we love diamonds, we want to introduce people to wearing different coloured gemstones. Duha, meaning ‘rainbow’ in Czech represents our love for coloured gemstones and we aim to make people fall in love with them as much as we do! 

All of our jewellery is responsibly made in India with each piece handcrafted by local karigars across different cities. With more than 80 years of experience in this industry, our team of karigars use traditional methods for creating jewellery with minimal usage of machines. We aim to provide a new perspective to luxury heirloom jewellery that is classic, modern and minimal. 

Moving beyond fast fashion, we aim to provide luxury, fine, quality jewellery. Each of our pieces are timeless and can be passed on for generations. 

At Duha, we believe in finding happiness in the small moments in life like the smell of coffee in the morning, sunsets and rainbows. We don’t just sell jewellery, we sell a piece of happiness that you can adore each day. Jewellery that reminds you to pause, smile and continue to have a good day. Jewellery that makes you feel good, everyday.